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Dr. Aditya Sai

Dr. Aditya has been trained in the best of the institutes in India as well as globally, with his MBBS from the Madras Medical College and MS in Orthopedics from Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, both amongst the top institutes in the country. He has undergone training in Hip arthroscopy and Joint preservation from the USA. Also he has been trained in Knee arthroscopy, shoulder surgery and sports medicine from Singapore, Austria, Germany and South Africa.

SLAP tears of the shoulder & Athletic shoulder injuries


A SLAP tear or SLAP lesion is an injury to the glenoid labrum (fibrocartilaginous rim attached around the margin of the glenoid cavity). SLAP is an acronym for “superior labral tear from anterior to posterior”


All Inside ACL Reconstruction

The Suture-less All Inside ACL reconstruction

Lesser post operative pain

No need for dual hardware

Smaller skin cuts

Only single muscle is harvested

Sutureless technique may be done in selected individuals

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