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      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

      Shoulder Treatment At The Best Hospital In India

      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

      Meet Our Doctor

      Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Dr. Aditya Sai is a consultant in Orthopaedics specializing in Shoulder Surgery, Knee and Hip arthroscopy & Joint preservation Dr. Aditya has been trained in the best of the institutes in India as well as globally, with his MBBS from the Madras Medical College and MS in Orthopedics from Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, both amongst the top institutes in the country. He has undergone training in Hip arthroscopy and Joint preservation from the USA.

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      What People Say About Dr. Aditya Sai

      Chailen Wadhwa
      Chailen Wadhwa
      Had a reconstructive surgery done by Dr Aditya on my knee for a full thickness ACL tear, medial meniscus tear and some cartilage damage. The surgery went on for a bit longer than expected as the meniscus and cartilage damage was not apparent in the MRI pre op. Overall, The surgery and recovery process has been quite smooth, there have been little to no complications, except for the usual as ACL rehabilitation is problematic by nature. However, I feel really safe and assured having been operated by Dr Aditya. He's really humble, answers several of my questions in detail with patience, You really get that feeling of safety and assurance just by speaking to him that he knows what he's doing and talking about. He is a wonderful, wonderful surgeon as i can attest to that personally.Also a lot of credit to the support staff, especially Dr Manish and Mr Rayan. They have been there for me at every step of the way and have even followed up on me by themselves.
      kushagra chopra
      kushagra chopra
      Very humble and gentle personality…excellent communication….aditya sir patiently listens to our problem and addresses our smallest doubts with calmness
      Sachin Shinde
      Sachin Shinde
      Dr. Aditya is one the best Ortho Surgeon in the city. Also to the best of my knowledge, one of the most advance ACL Reconstruction technique (All Inside technique) is practiced here. Dr. Aditya and his staff is quite humble and doesn't hesitate to explain everything you need to know about your treatment. I took my decision to undergo surgery here after consulting 4-5 surgeons in the suburbs, hence highly recommended.
      daniel augustine
      daniel augustine
      Very friendly. Very helpful. Trustworthy. I go to Dr. Aditya Sai for all my injuries. He has helped me through many injuries.
      Prasoon Mehrotra
      Prasoon Mehrotra
      Definitely the best doctor I’ve ever met !!! His knowledge and skills for the job and nature being friendly and kind makes him the best choice for any medical problems of his specialty ❤️ Moreover his supporting doctor Manish and staff Ryan are too nice and keep a check on you and your health like a family!!! Kudos respect love and all my best wishes to everyone 🙏
      Akshay Angwalkar
      Akshay Angwalkar
      We had a very good experience with Dr. Aditya and his team. He took care of all our post surgery concerns. As I am recoverering well from his ACL surgery. Thanks to his constant monitoring and motivation. My regards to him and his team.
      Manupriya Agrawal
      Manupriya Agrawal
      We had a very good experience with Dr. Aditya and his team. He took care of all our post surgery concerns. My son is recoverering well from his ACL surgery. Thanks to his constant monitoring and motivation. My regards to him and his team.
      Nishit Dronographer
      Nishit Dronographer
      Excellent diagnostic skills, Kind and Honest opinion Highly recommended for sports and joint injury.

      Why Choose Us?

      Dr. Aditya Sai is a renowned surgical orthopedic doctor practising in Mumbai. He has 15+ years of experience, with 10+ years of specialization in Shoulder Surgery, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy And Joint Preservation.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The collarbone or clavicle, shoulder blade or scapula, and the upper arm bone or humerus intersect to form the shoulder joint. Ligaments are tissues in the shoulder joint that bind the bones. The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that cover these bones. Tendons, which are tough patches of connective tissue, connect these muscles to the bones. Layers of cartilage, joint or synovial fluid, and a bursa sac all contribute to the cushioning of your shoulder joint. The most flexible joint of your body is your shoulder. It helps you move your arm in various directions, including in front, behind, to the side, and behind your body. The versatility leaves the shoulder more prone to fracture and instability.

      Nonsurgical treatments are often prescribed before a surgery, depending on the severity of the issue. However, delaying the replacement of a shoulder in some cases may make the injury more difficult to handle later. Early, accurate diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries will make a big difference in the long term.

      Shoulder surgery is used to treat a shoulder joint that has been weakened, degenerated, or diseased. It is a therapy for several disorders and illnesses that affect the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff breaks, shoulder dislocations, and shoulder separations are among the most frequent of these injuries. Shoulder surgery could be able to help a broken shoulder joint regain pain-free freedom of motion as well as complete function.

      Surgical treatments for the shoulder include the following:

      • Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs or resurfaces a diseased joint. It entails scraping arthritic or broken bone surfaces and replacing them with artificial material or a prosthesis implant. It can entail a partial or complete reconstruction of the shoulder joint. Your doctor may recommend shoulder arthroplasty if you have degenerative shoulder disorders like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Some shoulder joint fractures can necessitate joint replacement.
      • Arthroscopy is surgery performed with the use of an arthroscope. An arthroscope is a long, thin instrument with a small camera attached to it. An incision is made above or near the joint to insert the arthroscope. When the doctor is doing surgery, the camera transmits images of the interior of the joint to a television screen. Shoulder dislocations, shoulder tendonitis, some rotator cuff issues, soft tissue (muscle) replacements, frozen shoulder, and the replacement of tom cartilage or ligaments can all be treated with arthroscopic shoulder surgery.
      • Rotator cuff replacement is the process of reattaching a broken rotator cuff. It is a procedure for treating a broken tendon in the shoulder joint.
      • Soft tissue reconstruction is used to treat shoulder muscle injury.

      Other procedures that might be carried out

      In addition to shoulder surgery, the doctor might perform other procedures.

      These include:

      • Repair of a broken bone or a dislocated joint. Severe injuries can necessitate surgery. Collarbone fractures, humerus fractures, and joint dislocations are examples of these injuries.
      • Bursectomy, also known as bursa sac repair, is a procedure for repairing a broken bursa sac. The bursa sac cushions your bone.

      To know more about shoulder surgery, you may call or visit the Shoulder and Knee Clinic.

      To treat a broken, degenerated, or diseased shoulder joint, your doctor can prescribe surgery.

      The humerus (upper arm bone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the collarbone make up the shoulder joint (clavicle). Tendons are powerful connective tissue that connect muscles to the bones of the shoulder and arm. A collection of muscles and tendons that circle the shoulder joint is known as the rotator cuff. Ligaments bind your shoulder's bones. A bursa sac cushions the joint between the bones and tendons in the shoulder.

      Ageing, cancer, overuse, and accident can all cause damage to the shoulder joint. Shoulder surgery may be considered for you only after other surgical choices with a lower chance of complications have failed. Before settling on shoulder surgery, talk to a doctor about all of your medical decisions and get a second opinion.

      Your doctor may suggest shoulder surgery to treat the following:

      • Arthritis is inflammation of the shoulder caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
      • Bursitis refers to inflammation of the bursa sac.
      • Cartilage conditions, like loose or torn cartilage.
      • Fracture of the upper arm bone called humerus or the collarbone called the clavicle
      • Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes rigid.
      • Rotator cuff tears, both partial and complete tears
      • Dislocation of the shoulder that occurs often
      • A shoulder separation occurs when any of the shoulder ligaments are partially or completely torn.
      • A tendonitis is a form of tendon inflammation that does not lead to more conservative treatments.

      If you are looking for a shoulder surgery center in India to undergo the treatments mentioned above, you can visit Shoulder And Knee Clinic in Mumbai.

      Arthroscopy is a technique used for orthopaedic surgeons to see through joints, detect symptoms, and manage them.

      The terms "arthro" and "skopein" are Greek words that mean "joint" and "skopein", respectively (to look). The phrase simply translates to "to see into the joint." A small camera called an arthroscope is inserted into the shoulder joint during shoulder arthroscopy. Your surgeon uses the photographs from the camera to direct miniature surgical instruments, which are displayed on a video monitor.

      Since the arthroscope and surgical instruments are so lightweight, the surgeon may make minor incisions (cuts) instead of the wider ones used for traditional open surgery. Patients experience minor discomfort as a result, and the time it takes to relax and resume favourite tasks is reduced.

      Since the 1970s, shoulder arthroscopy has been practised. It has made the surgical diagnosis, care, and regeneration quicker and quicker than previously believed. Shoulder arthroscopy advances every year as new instruments and techniques are created.

      When you're sick, picking a shoulder specialist can be difficult. You do not have an infinite period to shop about if the injury is serious. Even if the injury is chronic and not life-threatening, you may be concerned that you only have one chance to choose the right surgeon the first time. Perhaps you're concerned with your healing time, and you need to get back to work and pay your bills fast. You may be the sole caregiver for children or an older adult, and your shoulder pain or disability is interfering with your capacity to provide for your loved ones. Maybe you're a young sportsperson.

      Perhaps you've already seen another surgeon and were dissatisfied with the results. Or, if you're like other people, you're afraid of suffering and of getting out of surgery in worse shape than you were before. Perhaps you have a friend, family, or coworker who has had a bad operation and are unsure how to find a doctor who will help you get back to "normal."

      You should know whether a possible shoulder surgeon is an orthopaedic generalist or a shoulder specialist before choosing a shoulder surgeon. The orthopaedic generalist is a wonderful doctor who stabilises your back, leg, elbow, wrist, foot, or hand following an injury or a crash, normally in the emergency department. While this type of surgeon is knowledgeable about a wide range of injuries, they aren't usually experts in shoulder injuries.

      When you choose a doctor based on the name of the orthopaedic surgeon on call that night in the ER, you're often choosing a "lottery" choice rather than trying out a specialist on your particular needs. Shoulder And Knee Clinic's founder, Dr Aditya Sai, is a true specialist in shoulder, hip, and knee operations, having invented therapies, performed research, and written in academic journals in these fields. It is also widely recognised as one of the best hospitals for shoulder surgery in India.

      When it comes to finding a hospital for your shoulder surgery, hospitals will provide various services to help you get the best treatment possible. Find out if your hospital, for example, has:

      • A floor or unit dedicated solely to the surgery you're doing. (Do they, for example, have the floor or unit exclusively devoted to joint replacement surgery for hip replacement?).
      • Only your kind of surgery is performed in operating rooms that are dedicated to it.
      • Specific protocols are necessary to ensure that anyone who undergoes your form of surgery gets the treatment they need.
      • There are enough nurses.

      It's also helpful to know how many operations similar to yours have been performed at the hospital you've selected or are considering. People that have surgery at hospitals who do more of the same treatment also have positive outcomes.

      Shoulder And Knee Clinic in Mumbai offers all of the above services and is a well-kept facility with adequate amenities and knowledgeable employees. Under the leadership of Dr Aditya Sai, it is also regarded as one of the best shoulder surgery hospitals in India.

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