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      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

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      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

      Meet Our Doctor

      Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Dr. Aditya Sai is a consultant in Orthopaedics specializing in Shoulder Surgery, Knee and Hip arthroscopy & Joint preservation Dr. Aditya has been trained in the best of the institutes in India as well as globally, with his MBBS from the Madras Medical College and MS in Orthopedics from Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, both amongst the top institutes in the country. He has undergone training in Hip arthroscopy and Joint preservation from the USA.

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      Dr. Aditya Sai is a renowned surgical orthopedic doctor practising in Mumbai. He has 15+ years of experience, with 10+ years of specialization in Shoulder Surgery, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy And Joint Preservation.


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      The knee joint consists of four ligaments. One of the ligament out of the four is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which helps maintain the knee's rotational stability and also prevents the shin bone (tibia) from falling in front of the thigh bone (femur).

      ACL is highly prone to injuries during strenuous activities or can also be damaged due to impact. Athletes of all levels very commonly experience torn ACL injury. The vulnerability of ACL tears increases in individuals playing games that require a lot of leg cutting, planting, and pivoting, such as basketball, soccer, football and skiing.

      A partial or complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament is known as an ACL tear. A tear or sprain in this strong band of tissue leads to an ACL injury. Sports involving sudden stop or change in direction, jumping, and landing increases an individual's vulnerability to ACL injury. ACL tear is very severe as once torn, it cannot heal or regrow on its own.

      To get a better idea of the condition and treatment methods, you may consult one of the best ACL reconstruction surgeons in India. You might also book an appointment with Dr Aditya Sai, one of the well-known surgeons in India.

      Strong bands of tissues connecting one bone to another are known as ligaments. ACL is a ligament that crosses in the middle of the knee, connecting our shinbone to the thigh bone and stabilising the knee joint. ACL injuries are more common during strenuous activities as it puts your knee under a lot of stress. Some of the other activities that increase the pressure in the knees include:

      • Suddenly slowing down from a fast pace to change the direction.
      • Landing in an awkward position after a jump.
      • Pivoting with your firmly planted foot.
      • A sudden stop.
      • Receiving a blow on the knees or colliding.

      The ligament damage can also lead to partial or complete damage of the tissues. The ligament might also experience a stretch by a mild injury, but it remains intact.

      Risk factors:

      Various risk factors can increase your vulnerability to an ACL tear, including:

      • Females are more prone to ACL tear because of differences in their muscle strength, anatomy and hormonal influences.
      • Athletes, playing sports such as basketball, football, soccer, downhill skiing and gymnastics.
      • Poor conditioning.
      • Faulty movements, such as turning the knees inward during squats.
      • Wearing poor fitting footwear.
      • Usage of under-maintained sports equipment.
      • Playing at artificial turf.

      The presence of these risk factors can increase the chance of getting an ACL tear. So if you notice any of the risk factors, look for an ACL doctor. If your symptoms are severe and you need surgery, consult with Dr Aditya Sai, one of the best doctors for ACL surgery in India.

      An individual with an ACL tear might hear a slight popping sound in their knee. Some of the other significant symptoms of ACL tear include:

      • Swelling: Slight swelling might be observed during the first 24 hours of injury. You can minimise the swelling by applying ice packs over the affected area and keeping your leg at a height by using a pillow.
      • Pain: Pain is not observed during a minor injury. But the area around your knee's joint line might get sore. Activities like standing or putting pressure on the hurt knees can be of discomfort to some individuals.
      • Trouble Walking: Putting pressure on the leg or walking might seem harder than before. Some people also feel their knee joints to be looser than before.
      • Less Range of Motion: After the injury, bending and flexing your knees might seem much more complicated than usual.

      If you experience any of the symptoms, you might want to consider consulting Dr Sai, widely regarded as one of the best ACL surgeons in India.

      Selecting the right doctor tends to play a vital role in getting the treatment done correctly. First of all, you must find an orthopaedic surgeon who:

      • Are they board-certified in orthopaedic surgery and specialises in ACL surgery.
      • They must be well experienced in treating patients with the specific condition as yours.
      • They must be practising at a hospital/clinic, recognised for having high-quality ACL surgery or orthopaedic surgery outcomes.
      • The particular hospital/clinic must accept your health insurance.
      • The doctor must make you feel comfortable and answer all your concerns.

      The following five points must be kept in mind before selecting the best ACL reconstruction surgeon in India to get your treatment done.

      1. Ask Around: You must not rely entirely on the information on the net. You can also take recommendations from your friends, family and healthcare providers.
      2. Research credentials and experience: Before opting for the treatment, you must check the credentials and experience of your doctor. Also, check for board certification and whether the doctor carries out ACL surgery regularly. You might also consider checking if the doctor serves as a physician for any athletic organisation. It will tell you that people have confidence in this doctor. A doctor experienced in your particular condition is more likely to perform better. You must also be assured of the history of the doctor, that the doctor was not involved in any malpractice.
      3. Examine hospital performance: A team of skilled and experienced healthcare professionals must carry out orthopaedic procedures. So checking the overall performance of the orthopaedic department of the hospital can be a wise decision. You must opt for the hospital with 5-star ratings for orthopaedic treatment and avoid hospitals with lower ratings. Then find an experienced doctor in that particular hospital who can perform your surgery. If you cannot find the perfect hospital, you might look for other hospitals where the doctor performs surgeries.
      4. Interview the surgeon: As you have made the final list of potential orthopaedic surgeons. Then make an appointment with each doctor to ask them specific questions and interview them before making the final decision. The list of questions that you might consider asking the doctors include:
        • Have you treated patients with the same condition as mine?
        • How many ACL surgeries have you performed?
        • Can you share the results of your past surgeries with me?
        • Do you encounter any complications from the surgery much frequently?
        • What steps do you take to minimise the complications or avoid them?

        Your decision should be based on how comfortable you are with a particular doctor and whether the doctor respects your opinions and clears all your doubts.

      5. Determine your insurance benefits: To get the treatment done at an affordable price, you must obtain the maximum insurance benefits. Only those hospitals and doctors must be selected which accept your health insurance. To get the insurance benefits, you must not compromise with the doctor's quality, experience, and professionalism.

      If you or your family need an ACL specialist who can offer treatment at affordable prices, you may visit Dr Aditya Sai at Shoulder And Knee Clinic.

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