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      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

      Arthroscopic Surgery By The Best Surgeon In Mumbai

      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Why Choose Dr. Aditya Sai?

      Meet Our Doctor

      Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

      Dr. Aditya Sai

      MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

      Dr. Aditya Sai is a consultant in Orthopaedics specializing in Shoulder Surgery, Knee and Hip arthroscopy & Joint preservation Dr. Aditya has been trained in the best of the institutes in India as well as globally, with his MBBS from the Madras Medical College and MS in Orthopedics from Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, both amongst the top institutes in the country. He has undergone training in Hip arthroscopy and Joint preservation from the USA.

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      Dr. Aditya Sai is a renowned surgical orthopedic doctor practising in Mumbai. He has 15+ years of experience, with 10+ years of specialization in Shoulder Surgery, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy And Joint Preservation.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Arthroscopy (also referred to as keyhole surgery) is a surgical procedure to diagnose and treat joint conditions. To carry out this procedure, the arthroscopic surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a narrow tube to a fibre-optic camera, almost the size of a keyhole.

      Arthroscopy is generally used to treat joint conditions, which include:

      • Shoulder
      • Knee
      • Hip
      • Ankle
      • Wrist
      • Elbow

      Arthroscopy allows the specialist to look through the joint without making a large incision, making it a little expensive. But, arthroscopic surgery cost in Mumbai is somehow less expensive compared to other big cities. You may consult with Dr Aditya for affordable treatment.

      During arthroscopic surgery, your doctor will numb the area where they are going to make an incision. Next, they will insert a unique pencil-thin instrument (the size of a keyhole). The device (arthroscope) has a light and camera lens, which helps the surgeon see the inside of the joint. The camera projects an image on a larger screen. The surgeon will then fill the joint with sterile fluid to widen it, making it easier to see.

      If you are looking for arthroscopy in Mumbai, you may consider consulting with Dr Adiyta Sai or visit Shoulder And Knee Clinic.

      Finding a specialist who performs arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai is anything but hassle-free. Most likely, it is your primary healthcare doctor who might have asked you to visit an arthroscopic specialist.

      Before opting for the best arthroscopic specialist, here's what you need to consider:

      1. Get referrals: Before choosing the right surgeon, ask your primary healthcare doctor to provide you with a referral list (list of doctors that you can consider paying a visit to). Moreover, you can ask your friends, family, relatives, and other experts. Besides, make sure you check the specialist's experience and credentials. As you narrow down the list, make an appointment to visit each arthroscopic specialist. You can even call their clinics and gather all the necessary details if the doctor is not available.

      2. Research the specialist's credentials: It is a crucial step to follow as - you wouldn't want to hand yourself to a doctor who is not board certified or possesses no skills to provide treatment. Therefore, make sure you double-check the doctor's credentials. Board certification tells you that the doctor has undergone training and is skilled enough to provide healthcare facilities. Besides, check the doctor's history. Make sure they are not involved in disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. Go through their website (thoroughly) to find out about their medical school, training hospitals, experience, expertise, board certification, and most importantly - their history.

      3. Consider the doctor's experience: Arthroscopic surgery is mainly performed by experienced surgeons. Before opting for the best specialist, consider their experience. When it's a matter of complex surgical (arthroscopic) operations, the more experienced the doctor is, the more likely the results will be. While visiting the doctors, ask them specific questions, such as,

      How many patients (with the same condition as yours) have they treated in the past?
      How many operations were successful?
      What were the complication rates?
      If there were any complications before, what are the chances you will have to face the same?

      Besides, ask the doctor about the specific procedure you need to follow and all the risks involved.

      4. Research hospital quality: Keep in mind that your doctor's hospital will be your hospital as long as the treatment lasts. You will have to pay visits at regular intervals - even stay for a day or two (depending upon the procedure). Therefore, considering the hospital quality - the quality of care they provide, ambulatory surgery centres, the expense is significant. Hospital quality matters a lot because top-rated hospitals have fewer possibilities of complications or risks - and better survival rates. Furthermore, consider the hospital's location as well. After the surgery, you have to pay frequent visits, which means - you need a convenient location.

      Compared to other metropolitan cities and also due to the availability of skilled doctors, arthroscopic surgery cost in Mumbai isn't that heavy on the pocket, and also there are insurance companies who have flexible options.

      5. Evaluate communication style: Communication is the key, no matter what. Choose an arthroscopic specialist with whom you are comfortable sharing your issues, which provides you with all the necessary information. If they support you and make you feel at ease, that's a plus point. When you first pay a visit to the surgeon/doctor - ask them questions and see how they respond to you. See if they have the patience to deal with your questions first, let alone your treatment. Check for your personal feelings - did you feel rushed or engaged? Are you able to understand them? Opt for the doctor who shows interest in your complications, who considers your treatment preferences, and who respects your decision-making. Also, consider reading patient reviews.

      You may consider the above points when you look for arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai, or you can consult with Dr Aditya Sai at Arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai.

      Arthroscopy centres offer a lot of additional amenities and adjustments according to the patient's convenience. After the surgery, you may experience some pain. Your doctor will prescribe you some medications for pain. They may also prescribe medications for blood clots or other side effects.

      Arthroscopic surgery results in less joint pain and stiffness as compared to open surgery. Besides, recovery doesn't take a lot of time, just a couple of weeks or so. You may require a splint, crutches, or sling for support.

      You will notice some small puncture wounds in your body where the arthroscopic tools were inserted. The day after the surgery, you may be able to remove the bandages and place small strips instead. However, your doctor will remove non-dissolvable incisions in a week or two.

      While you are in the healing phase, you will need to keep the sites dry. A small amount of water exposure can result in difficulties. Therefore, cover them with a plastic bag or anything water-resistant while taking a shower.

      Your doctor will provide you with a list of activities that you are more likely to avoid. Within a few days of surgery, you can go to school or continue working. Full joint recovery usually takes several weeks to months. Specific workouts and rehabilitation can help you recover fast. To undergo arthroscopic surgery in Mumbai at a reasonable cost, schedule an appointment with Dr Aditya Sai.

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