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    Dr. Aditya Sai

    MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

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    Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

    Dr. Aditya Sai

    MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

    Dr. Aditya Sai is a consultant in Orthopaedics specializing in Shoulder Surgery, Knee and Hip arthroscopy & Joint preservation Dr. Aditya has been trained in the best of the institutes in India as well as globally, with his MBBS from the Madras Medical College and MS in Orthopedics from Seth GS Medical College & KEM hospital, both amongst the top institutes in the country. He has undergone training in Hip arthroscopy and Joint preservation from the USA.

    Dr. Aditya Sai


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    Pappu Khule
    Pappu Khule
    माझा ह्या हॉस्पिटल मधील अनुभव हा एकदम चांगला आहे माझी गुडघ्यावरील शस्त्रक्रिया अत्यंत यशस्वीरित्या येतील डॉक्टरांनी व सर्व स्टाफने उत्तमरीत्या पार पाडली आहे. माझा पाय व गुडघा भविष्यात मी चालू शकेन का नाही असे मला शंका होती परंतु येथील शस्त्रक्रिया नंतर मी आता एकदम ठणठणीत असून या हॉस्पिटल मधील माझा अनुभव अत्यंत चांगला आहे. डॉक्टर आदित्य साई हे अत्यंत उत्कृष्ट सर्जन आहेत आज त्यांच्यामुळेच मी माझ्या गुडघ्यावर उभारू शकत आहे आम्ही चालू शकत आहे त्यांचं सहकार्य खूप छान असते. तसेच खूप प्रामाणिकपणे ते आपले काम पार पडतात आणि रुग्णांची सेवा करतात.
    faisal shaikh
    faisal shaikh
    Thank you so much "Doctor Aditya Sai" for the excellent work u did for my both shoulder surgery, you are the most amazing doctor, u had made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and confident when I was very much nervous and a lot of anxiety, but I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery,my family and I will always be thankful to you for all your support,care and the confidence that you had build in me.Your knowledge and skills are greatly appreciated!you are the Best .... Thank you Soo much Dr
    Sneha Shaikh
    Sneha Shaikh
    Aditya Sai Sir, please except my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and skill you provided during my recent ACL & Meniscus Repair arthroscopic surgery. From the initial consultation through to the post-operative follow-ups, your professionalism and kindness were evident at every step. I am truly fortunate to have had you as my surgeon, and I will always remember the difference you've made. Thank you!
    Deepak Jaiswal
    Deepak Jaiswal
    Everything was perfect. Dr Aditya Sai is excellent doctor.
    Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh
    Was fortunate to have come across Dr. Aditya Sai. I had my ACL+ mensicus repair done. My injury was old and had become worse over the years playing football which made me nervous to go ahead with surgery.But doctor aditya Sai and his team were confident and made me feel completely confident and comfortable with the process. Also they assisted with the before and after surgery process which made it very easy. My surgery has been successful and would definitely recommend Dr. Aditya Sai.
    Siddharth Sonkamble
    Siddharth Sonkamble
    Very fortunate to have come across Dr. Aditya Sai for my knee surgery. I had to undergo ACL Avulsion plus Meniscus repair surgery. Dr. Aditya is very confident and explained the procedure beforehand. Doctor also helped me thoroughly for postoperative care and rehab. Everything has been extremely smooth so far. Follow up visits are always very positive and comforting. Many thanks to Dr. Aditya Sai for helping me. Also, many thanks to Dr. Sagar for his continuous assistance during the surgery as well as the follow ups. Thanks to Rayan and team for making it a smooth experience throughout. I would strongly recommend Dr. Aditya Sai for any knee injuries.
    Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar
    My experience with Dr. Aditya Sai and their team was nothing short of exceptional. Their expertise, compassion and commitment to providing outstanding medical care make them a standout practitioner in their field. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Aditya Sai to anyone seeking top quality medical services and their approach to patient care truly sets them apart.
    Swapnil Padhi
    Swapnil Padhi
    Dr Aditya Sai was really helpful. The best thing about him is that he makes the patient very comfortable during consultation, and explain things very well that leaves no room for any doubt. He was meticulous to have guided me on every part of the overall surgical, including pre-op and post-op procedures. I appreciate that he made the overall process very simple for me to go through, including all the administrative work.
    Raj Sahani Official 472
    Raj Sahani Official 472
    Well cleaned and feeling comfortable with all the staff

    Why Choose Us?

    Dr. Aditya Sai is a renowned surgical orthopedic doctor practising in Mumbai. He has 15+ years of experience, with 10+ years of specialization in Shoulder Surgery, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy And Joint Preservation.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The knee is the most vulnerable part of our body, which is most likely to be injured. Any direct blow from sports activities, twisting, or bending force applied to the knee are the primary causes of a knee injury. The knee has a particular anatomic design pattern, and any external force like twisting or bending from accidents, sports and falls might disrupt the anatomy. A knee twist may also result in the rupture of our ligament and cartilage.

    Several types of knee injury are caused by the rupture of various parts of your knee due to severe injuries due to a motor vehicle or sports-related accidents. Activities like kneeling, discomforts like gout and infection might result in an arthritis degenerative joint disease known as Bursitis. In such cases, you may visit Dr Aditya Sai at Shoulder and Knee Clinic.

    Many important structures are combined to form our knee. A knee injury can result from the rupture of any of these important structures. In many cases, it might also involve more than one structure. Dislocation, fracture, sprains and tear of the soft tissues like ligament are the most common types of knee injuries.

    Various types of knee injuries include:

    • ACL injuries
    • PCL injuries
    • Fracture
    • Dislocation
    • Tendon Tears
    • Meniscal Tears
    • Collateral Ligament
    • Injuries

    The most common symptoms of knee injuries include pain and swelling. Instability and the feeling of your knee being locked up are also some of the other symptoms of a knee injury that you shouldn't ignore. To get more clarifications on the signs and address them, you can book an appointment with a renowned doctor for knee pain treatment in Mumbai. You might also consider consulting Dr Aditya Sai, a well-known surgeon for knee injuries.

    According to the causal factor of the problem, the location and intensity of pain injury vary. The most common signs and symptoms of a knee injury that accompany knee pain include:

    • Swelling and tightening.
    • Warmth and redness.
    • Frailty or instability.
    • Crunching or popping sound in the knee.
    • Inability to straighten the knee.

    You must consider visiting a doctor if:

    • The swelling of your knee hasn't improved in a long time.
    • The flexibility of your knee has reduced to a great extent.
    • You might notice an obvious deformity in your knee.
    • You have a fever along with swelling, pain and redness in the knee.
    • Your knee feels unstable.

    All these symptoms can be perilous and might deteriorate if untreated. So if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, as a Mumbai resident, you must consult a good doctor for knee treatment in Mumbai. While it is believed that the knee surgery cost in Mumbai is unrealistic, for treatment at affordable prices, you may schedule an appointment with Dr Aditya Sai at Shoulder and Knee Clinic.

    Various factors might manifest your knee injuries, including:

    • Excess weight: Being overweight or obese is directly linked to knee injuries as it increases the stress on your knee joint. Your knee is at an increased stress state even during regular activities like walking or climbing up and down the stairs. Weight accelerates the rupture of joint cartilage, hence increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.
    • Lack of muscle flexibility or strength: A decrease in the power or flexibility of your muscles can increase the risk of knee injuries. Your joints are stabilised and protected with strong muscles, and muscle flexibility improves your motion.
    • Certain sports or occupation: Some sports tend to pressurise your knees higher than other sports. Sports and activities that increase knee injury risk include alpine skiing, basketball and running or jogging. Specific jobs such as construction and farming also tend to increase the pressure on your knees, hence increasing the risk of knee injuries.
    • Previous Injury: Individuals with any previous injury are also more likely to get their knees injured again.

    Finding a good doctor for knee treatment in Mumbai isn't as tricky as highlighted on the internet. Consulting with a specialist can help minimise the risk and yield much better results. With advanced technologies and new methods like laser treatment for knee pain in Mumbai, knee injury treatment has become much more accessible and effective.

    Treatment and medicines vary according to the cause of knee problems.


    Your doctor may prescribe medicines to offer relief from the knee pain and treat conditions causing your knee pain like gout or rheumatoid arthritis.


    Strengthening your knee muscles might cure your knee injury and give fast relief by stabilising your knee muscles. Based on your condition, some physical therapy and strengthening exercises might be recommended by your doctor. You may also need the training to correct your movement patterns, improve your flexibility and balance.

    Arch support might also help. In this process, wedges are used on one side of the heel to shift the pressure. It helps shift pressure from the side of the knee affected the most by osteoarthritis. Different types of braces might also be used to support your knee joint.

    In some cases, medication and therapy can be effective for knee injuries. To get more reliable information and understand the best treatment method according to your condition, you might consider undergoing knee pain treatment in Mumbai.

    Certain medicines or other substances might also be injected directly into your knee joint by the doctor. They include:

    • Corticosteroids: These injections help minimise the signs of an arthritis flare and get relief from the pain.
    • Hyaluronic acid: To improve mobility and ease the pain, a thick fluid called hyaluronic acid might be injected directly into your knees.
    • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): PRP is a concentrated solution of many different growth factors that minimises inflammation and enhances the healing of the knee joint.


    Your injury might require surgery, but it is not necessary to get it done immediately. Before you opt for surgery, you must consider its pros and cons. The various types of surgeries for knee injury include:

    • Arthroscopic Surgery: Your knee damage may be examined or repaired using a long narrow tool and a fibre-optic camera. Various small incisions are made around your knee to insert these tools.
    • Partial knee replacement surgery: The damaged portion of your knee is replaced with metal and plastic parts in this procedure. Small incisions are made to carry forward this surgery; hence the recovery is fast.
    • Total knee replacement: The damaged bone and cartilage of your shinbone, thighbone and kneecap is replaced with artificial joints made of high-grade plastics, polymers and metal alloys.
    • Osteotomy: A bone from your thigh bone and shinbone is removed to align the thigh better and help arthritis pain relief.

    With advancements in technology, new surgery methods have been introduced, like robotic knee surgery in Mumbai and other major cities. The surgery method doesn't accompany any underlying risks or complications.

    Knee substitution medical procedure is performed by Orthopedic surgeons. To become a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, the surgeons have to undertake special training along with long years of experience.

    Selection of the best doctor and best hospital is vital in the proper treatment of knee injury. It can improve the probability of an effective knee surgery medical procedure and decrease future complexities.

    Specific tips for choosing the best doctor for knee treatment:

    Before selecting the appropriate surgeon, the following points must be considered

    • Surgeons education qualification
    • Training
    • Patient reviews

    Reviewing the above points will clarify the experience of the surgeon.

    It is believed that the knee surgery cost in Mumbai is soaring high due to various patients demanding the ever so popular robotic knee surgery in Mumbai. With the advancement in technologies, knee treatments can yield the best results. For the right treatment, you may consider Dr Aditya Sai, one of the trusted specialists for knee pain in Mumbai.

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