Shoulder Impingement


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    Shoulder Impingement

    Suffering from pain in shoulders or having difficulty in moving your shoulders? If you are suffering from this, you might be suffering from shoulder impingement. Feel free to book an appointment online to get treated by one of the best shoulder surgeons.

    Dr. Aditya Sai

    MS, DNB (Orthopaedics)

    Shoulder Impingement

    The shoulder is a ball and socket articulation with the rotator cuff stabilizing the Humeral head (Ball) In the socket (Glenoid). The rotator cuff also serves to depress the humeral head. Normally there is an empty space called the bursa between the acromion and the rotator cuff. The bursa allows painless/ frictionless movement between the humeral head and the acromion. However this can get disturbed due to abnormal anatomy, abnormal biomechanics or bone spurs leading to pain and restriction of movement.


    • Pain over the tip of the shoulder
    • Difficulty in abduction and
    • Restricted range of motion.


    Treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and presence of associated rotator cuff injury.

    • Initial treatment consists of physical therapy, cryotherapy, posture correction and focus on biomechanics. Majority of the individuals have an improvement in their symptoms with this.
    • If symptoms persist then steroid injection in the shoulder may be considered. Steroid injections in the shoulder joint are quite safe and give good pain control. A maximum of three sorts of steroids in a period of six months can be attempted.

    Surgical treatment: surgical treatment essentially consist of an Arthroscopic or a keyhole procedure in which The abnormal acromion shape is corrected, bony spurs removed and associated rotator cuff tears addressed. Generally this can be done as a daycare procedure and the individual can go on the same day of the procedure. Unrestricted movement of the shoulder can be started after a period of one week. Pain relief is fast, however recovery of complete movement is by 6-8 weeks. Generally athletics can be resumed form 3 months post surgery.

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